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posted: Nov 03, 2013
The one we need urgent do not appear here. My father he has to use Zytiga.
posted: Nov 02, 2013
I have insurance through cobra although both parties in our home are unemployed and need assistance with medication coverage
posted: Nov 02, 2013
I need to take Abilify for my bipolar 1 condition. I have lost my job and insurance because of my condition and cannot afford to refill my prescription. My good health depends on this medication. Please help me stay well. Thank you Raven Raetze
posted: Nov 02, 2013
Braxton has asthma since he was a baby. I need assistance for this inhaler
posted: Nov 01, 2013
Help in paying for
posted: Nov 01, 2013
I am currently insured but cannot afford my prescription. I am a life long asthmatic with no primary care physician. For me to get my monthly advair I must pay $200 for a months supply. PLease help
posted: Oct 31, 2013
Been unemployed for six months need help.
Mary Anne
posted: Oct 30, 2013
I am on Medicare A&B and am looking for a program In medicare D for prescription drugs as I am 79 yrs. old, have A-Fib, lung cancer, COPD and a high blood pressure. I was advised that I will be put in a "Donut Hole" and will have to pay $1500 1 month for the drugs that I am using. I only make $1367 a month on SS. My monthly pension $161.00 pays for my medical. Therefore, I am requesting that I get my Multaq for either a lesser price or for nothing.I am on Pradaxa , Spiriva, Atrovent and Diltizem also. I am getting in touch with Boehringer to ask if they also will help with these (3) high priced medications.....Thank you for your assistance.
posted: Oct 30, 2013
My brother has been on Seroquil for years,, he had no adverse affects and it enabled him to lead a normal life". His copay went from 30$ to 300$. He is on disability and could not afford to pay for and continue his use of seroquil. His Dr. at a mental health center has tried two different drugs with him, and as I am writing this he is in the hospital suffering from serious side effects of this new drug Navane.. I desperately need to get help for him and try and get him back on track He is the soul caregiver to his 91 year old parents and has always found joy in caring for them as they have always done for him. I am his sister and I need to help and fight for my sweet brother. He is 63 years old. Thanking you in advance for any help you can offer us. Ellen Kelly [email protected] Phone# 215 622 3698
posted: Oct 30, 2013
I am on remicade infusions once every six weeks. No insurance will be covering this in 2014. I am going to have to drop out and risk being disabled. Is there any alternative for me.
posted: Oct 29, 2013
need assistance to purchase this medicine
posted: Oct 29, 2013
I am a esrd patient right now myDr is giving me samples of binder meds since I also take asacol hd I can only get it for about 5 months because of the humana coverage gap then I have to pay about $540 for this medicine so I cant also pay almost the same amount for renevla plus my $900 a month for my dialysis for about 41/2 months until I meet my deductible. my husband and I are retired getting about $35,000 a year. Why do seniors and young people have to pay so much out of pocket. believe me we have no savings we raised 4 kids
posted: Oct 29, 2013
why do these medicines have to be so expensive? The majority of people are still uninsured.
posted: Oct 29, 2013
I was on medicaid, but recently got cut due to my wife making enough money to be in the 90th percentile for poverty. I take several medications, three of which, including Abilify, I am unable to afford paying for myself. I have applied for disability, but am still going through the process. The other two expensive medications I take are Nucynta ER and Gralise, however, I still need to find a program that includes them for patient assistance. Without these medications I am in fear for my life as they keep me going each day.
posted: Oct 28, 2013
Suboxone is so expensive..... I have next to no income and my Mother has had to pay for it on a fixed income since April... I need assistance in paying for this.... Help... Thank you
posted: Oct 28, 2013
If you can assist me with my Inhalers it would greatly be appreciated because I cannot afford the $50.00 copys.
posted: Oct 28, 2013
need pap application
posted: Oct 27, 2013
Which one medication is good for lipoatrophy
posted: Oct 26, 2013
115.99 for 30 day supply on disability and in the donut hole is ungodly.decesion to eat or take meds.!!!!!!!
posted: Oct 25, 2013
Hello, I have a life threatening disease and have been on Syprine since 2005. I recently took a new position at a company and was given incorrect information about their health and prescription plan. I am unable to afford this medication as it is $9,000 dollars. I need this in order to survive as without it I will go into liver failure. I need assistance with this medication and an emergency supply. Thank you, Amanda
posted: Oct 23, 2013
I have found myself without insurance and have been taking this drug for 20 years,please help me as I can not carry on daily tasks without . Please call me or email me.
posted: Oct 23, 2013
prices are too high
posted: Oct 22, 2013
i need help with getting my medications. i have ddd in my back and cant afford them.
posted: Oct 21, 2013
I am on social security and need help paying for these drugs. it cost a lot to buy. but when I reach my second stages of meds all my meds are full price. and the lantus is out of my price range then I have to go off of the lantus and my diabetes get worse. I end up in my stage 2 for drugs with in 5 months of each year because of the lantus. I need help to stay alive
posted: Oct 20, 2013
Without this medication I cannot function either mentally or physically
posted: Oct 20, 2013
Hi, I am uninsured and my dr suggested I email you to see about assistance. I am 58 yrs old, female, and I have Asthma and COPD....with no insurance I cannot afford to use your disks. I have been on Advair for a few years and I believe it does help, especially in the morning. Is there a program to qualify for free or really reduced Advair? Thank you for your time...I hope you can help me.....Karen Lund. [email protected] my dr is Jenner Greil @ Martins Point Portland Maine. 207-766-3127. :)
posted: Oct 20, 2013
PLZ, i am having surgery on 11/6 and cannot afford the cost of the Levenox. i had already purchased 1 batch at a cost of $535.17, but then developed a skin condition that put the surgery off Now that i am healed, it is back on again. I have 3 vials left from before but i need 7 more for my surgery. will you help me with the costs please? contact me asap. 407-273-4056
posted: Oct 19, 2013
need a coupon for free medicine
posted: Oct 19, 2013
Need help with Lantus prescription. Price of Lantus has just gone up once again.
posted: Oct 18, 2013
i need help getting my meds i have no money and im out i have been out for few days now i have no help
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