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Pediatric Patients: Learn About the Human Body Systems


People look pretty on the surface, but what really lies underneath the skin and hair may surprise you! The human body is actually a complex system of parts that work together to live, work, and play. The human body relies on nine separate systems to keep itself together in one piece. Our bones, muscles, and skin allow us to move around in our environment. The nervous system allows us to see and touch different stuff around us. The immune system keeps us strong and healthy against bad bugs. The reproductive system allows us to have babies. Without a mouth, esophagus, stomach, and intestines, people would starve! The human body is very interesting when you look at it closer!

Explore the many resources below to learn more about the major human body systems:

Circulatory System

Immune System

Skeletal System

Excretory System

Muscular System

Endocrine System

Digestive System

Nervous System

Respiratory System

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