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Posted Apr 16th, 2012 by Patient Assistance Team
Section four of the Affordable Care Act, Prevention of Chronic Disease and Improving Public Health deals withthe promotion of prevention of disease and wellness for the health of Americans. It attempts to accomplish thisvia unprecedented funding that is targeted specifically to the public health arenas of disease prevention and healthpromotion.

Since chronic disease account for such a significant portion of th
Posted Apr 16th, 2012 by Patient Assistance Team
The third section of the Affordable Care Act, “Improving the Quality and Efficiency of Health Care, is an expansivesection that largely addresses the issue of Medicare. Millions of senior Americans rely on Medicare to provide themsupplemental health coverage. This section of the act seeks to protect and preserve the provisions already set inplace while also enhancing services and saving money.

Here is how it
Posted Apr 16th, 2012 by Rex Bowden

Title VII of the Affordable Care Act, Improving Access to Innovative Medical Therapies, was created topromote medical innovation and to promote savings for all patients. It attempts to does this in a numberof ways, one of which is to extend medication discounts to hospitals and communities that provide careto low income patients, including children and underserved communities.

Title VII also creates more o
Posted Apr 16th, 2012 by Patient Assistance Team
The sixth section of the Affordable Care Act , Transparency and Program Integrity, encourages patientsto take control of their health care decisions. It does so by providing individuals with enhancedinformation so that they can make decisions that best work for them and their families. This sectionalso strengthens the doctor-patient relationship by providing doctors access to cutting edge medicalresearch to help them
Posted Apr 16th, 2012 by Patient Assistance Team
Title V of the Affordable Care Act, is the portion of the legislation that deals with health care workforce.According to the federal government, this section appropriately titled “Health Care Workforce” providesfunds, scholarships and loan repayment programs to increase the number of primary care physicians,nurses, physician assistants, mental health providers, and dentists in the areas of the country that needth
Posted Mar 29th, 2012 by Patient Assistance Team
If you really want to understand the Affordable Care Act, reviewing each of its ten sections willhelp to ensure you that you have the knowledge and insight into what this milestone piece oflegislation is all about.

Title 1 “Quality, Affordable Healthcare for all Americans” reviews your rights as an American tobe in control of your health care. Whether you are a family, individual or small business owner,Ti
Posted Mar 29th, 2012 by Patient Assistance Team
The second title of the Affordable Care Act, The Role of Public Programs, addresses federal programslike Medicaid and CHIP and seeks to enhance upon them by offering a wider variety of services,increased access and ease of administrative oversight.

Under Title 11, many of the provisions of Medicaid are extended while also giving states more optionsin adopting strategies to improve the quality of care and the c
Posted Mar 22nd, 2012 by Patient Assistance Team
One of the reasons why the Affordable Care Act is such a groundbreaking piece of legislation for the healthcare industry is because it puts the individual, not the insurer, in control of his or her own health. While this is welcomed news to millions of Americans who have been unable to afford health insurance because of the fees or who have battled the insurance companies in coverage challenges, knowing what the Affo