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If you're new to, and you're having trouble using or understanding our services, please read our "How it Works" page. There you will learn how to sign up for a free account with us, how to find prescription assistance programs for your medications through our site, and how to enroll in appropriate patient assistance programs and get your meds.

Important! – Please note that does not actually provide your medications. We only provide information on prescription assistance programs supplied by the pharmaceutical companies. Questions about specific patient assistance programs, or questions about getting your medications, should be directed to the appropriate pharmaceutical company and not We do provide you with contact information for pharmaceutical companies, which can be found by browsing our database of prescription assistance programs (available to registered users).

Please also note that we cannot guarantee your enrollment will be approved for any specific assistance program. Enrollment is always at the discretion of the pharmaceutical company offering the program, and we are unable to intervene on your behalf if your application is rejected. For more information about steps you can take if your enrollment is denied, please visit our FAQs.

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Please note that the phone number listed is not a member support line for help on the site or for leaving feedback. Members should use the contact form available on this page.

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