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Volunteer Doctors May Receive Increased Protection In Delaware

Posted Jun 2nd, 2008 by Patient Assistance Team

There are numerous solutions available for the uninsured in regard to receiving free prescription medication or discounted prescription medication, but the most difficult hurdle that an uninsured American is faced with is finding a facility that offers free visits with a physician. While these free clinics do exist, their numbers are limited and are not always close to where the uninsured individual resides.

The struggle that these free clinics face is fairly difficult. Funding can often be an obstacle for these clinics, and many of them tailor to both the insured and uninsured. Not to mention that their staff of physicians is usually in a volunteer capacity. Unfortunately, trained physicians find themselves reluctant to donate their time to these free clinics as they currently have no protection against malpractice lawsuits.

The Claymount Community Center, a free clinic located in New Castle County, Delaware is the only facility in the area to focus its attention specifically on treating the uninsured. As the facility relies on a majority of its physicians volunteering their time to aid the uninsured, the risk of lawsuits has hampered the good that the Claymount Community Center can offer to its patients.

Luckily, on June 3rd, the Delaware House of Judiciary Committee will be meeting to discuss House Bill 400 which will alleviate the concern that volunteer physicians in Delaware have. The bill would designate volunteer physicians as state employees, allowing the state to defend the physicians from malpractice lawsuits that they would otherwise have to handle themselves. voices its support for the Delaware H.B. 400 in hopes that an increase in protection for the volunteer physicians will result in increased medical attention for uninsured patients in Delaware.

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