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Understanding Title 1 of the Affordable Care Act

Posted Mar 29th, 2012 by Patient Assistance Team
If you really want to understand the Affordable Care Act, reviewing each of its ten sections willhelp to ensure you that you have the knowledge and insight into what this milestone piece oflegislation is all about.

Title 1 “Quality, Affordable Healthcare for all Americans” reviews your rights as an American tobe in control of your health care. Whether you are a family, individual or small business owner,Title 1 seeks to reduce insurance premium costs by providing billions of dollars in tax reliefso that millions of Americans can afford quality and coordinated healthcare. In doing so, theQuality Affordable Healthcare for all Americans section reduces the amount of money you haveto pay for your health care by restricting how much out-of-pocket expenses you are expected topay. In addition, it mandates certain preventive services be covered by your insurance plan.

So what does Title 1 mean for Americans without insurance coverage? Essentially, any American without current coverage will be able to find a plan that works for them and their family thanks to the federal mandates put forth for insurance companies. The increase in competition as well as the limits on what insurance companies can charge, broadens the choice that Americans can choose from as all companies are competing for the same customers.

For small business owners, they will also receive a tax credit that helps to offset the added cost of providing insurance for their employees.

Title 1 also seeks to provide tighter restrictions on fraudulent activities by insurance activities. For instance, insurance companies can no longer deny coverage because of a preexisting condition and consumers now have added protection when making appeals to insurance companies. Understanding how Title 1affects you, puts you in more control in your health and your family’s health.