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Title IV of the Affordable Care Act

Posted Apr 16th, 2012 by Patient Assistance Team
Section four of the Affordable Care Act, Prevention of Chronic Disease and Improving Public Health deals withthe promotion of prevention of disease and wellness for the health of Americans. It attempts to accomplish thisvia unprecedented funding that is targeted specifically to the public health arenas of disease prevention and healthpromotion.

Since chronic disease account for such a significant portion of the economic and physical burden of the health careindustry, section IV deals exclusively with trying to create the correct environments and support services so thatchronic diseases can be prevented or managed effectively and efficiently. This portion of the Affordable Care Actdevelops national prevention and health promotion strategies that include effective and attainable methods to reducethe incidence of preventable illness and disability while also improving health of all Americans.According to the Affordable Care Act, Section IV empowers families by giving them tools to find the best science-based nutrition information, and it makes prevention and screenings a priority by waiving co-payments forAmerica’s seniors on Medicare.

Some of the components of this section include the improving and strengthening the Prevention and Public HealthFund, clinical and community preventive services and expanding community outreach activities aimed to educatethe public about health promotion and disease prevention behaviors. Under this section, Medicare beneficiaries canreceive an annual wellness visit with a personalized prevention plan and a removal of the barriers that prevent someMedicare recipients from receiving preventive services. For Medicaid recipients, they can also enjoy better access topreventive services, coverage for smoking cessation programs for pregnant women and incentives for the preventionof chronic diseases.

Section IV also seeks to improve the health of people with disabilities while at the same time as offeringimmunizations for all Americans, encouraging restaurants to provide accessible and accurate nutrition labeling ontheir menus, and offering appropriate time for nursing mothers to nurse or pump while on the job.Section IV also provides funds for research that provide the appropriate epidemiological data analysis andcollection, studies on childhood obesity and research for proper pain management treatments.