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Title 11 of the Affordable Care Act

Posted Mar 29th, 2012 by Patient Assistance Team
The second title of the Affordable Care Act, The Role of Public Programs, addresses federal programslike Medicaid and CHIP and seeks to enhance upon them by offering a wider variety of services,increased access and ease of administrative oversight.

Under Title 11, many of the provisions of Medicaid are extended while also giving states more optionsin adopting strategies to improve the quality of care and the coordination of services for those who areon Medicare or Medicaid. In addition, it provides states with more opportunities to enhance home careservices for those who beneficiaries who have long-term or chronic care needs. It also provides moreservices for people with disabilities at their own community level by removing barriers to community-based organizations that provide such services.

The Role of Public Programs section also improves access to Medicaid through a variety of ways, oneof which is to change the income eligibility for nonelderly Americans using a modified gross incomeequation. Because of this change, more Americans will be able to qualify for federal health insuranceprogram.

Title 11 continues to preserve CHIP, the federally-created Children’s Health Insurance Program whileenhancing federal support for it as well as simplifying the enrollment process. As Title 11 affects publicprograms, it also seeks to save money to Americans by lowering the costs of prescription drugs andpayments made to subsidize care for Americans who are uninsured. It also eliminates the exclusion ofcoverage of certain drugs.