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Three Ways to Improve Medication Safety

Posted Sep 26th, 2012 by Patient Assistance Team
Every day, thousands of individuals make a mediation error; many of which can turn into serious and dangerous health conditions. As scary and as pervasive as these events are, they can be prevented by enacting simple actions and behaviors.
The following three ways can improve medication safety and your health.

Enhance your communication with your medical provider.
The next time you are at a medical appointment, remember to not just listen to your care provider, but also be actively engaged in your care. Ask questions about your health; ask questions about the proper use of the meds you take and what you may expect in regards to side effects.
Keep your own health record.

While your doctor may have a lengthy patient record for you, do the same by keeping your medical record. Many of these can be found online and are simply forms that you complete, save and keep with you. On your own personal health record, list all of the medications you take in addition to supplements, herbal remedies and any allergies or suspicions of allergies you feel you may have. Update your personal health record on a routine and regular basis.

Include others in your care

From your pharmacist to a close relative who lives with you or is listed as your emergency contact for medical events, the more support you can have, the healthier you can be.  By involving others in your care, they can help monitor your health and provide an extra level of support for you as you manage your health.

By following a few simple but key behaviors, you can reduce the likelihood of medication errors and stay healthy and safe.