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Estimated patient savings $600,000,000.00 Supports National Diabetes Goal and American Diabetes Month by Raising Awareness with the Uninsured

Posted Nov 18th, 2008 by Patient Assistance Team
A survey is being made available at to educate the uninsured and under-insured about their diabetes risk.

Baton Rouge, LA – November 18, 2008 – Diabetes is an often-undiagnosed, but serious, disease affecting 8.0% of Americans, according to the American Diabetes Association. They estimate that as many as 5.7 million people currently suffer from diabetes without being diagnosed, who are therefore unaware of their problem and treatment options. In honor of last week’s World Diabetes Day, American Diabetes Month (November), and their ongoing support of the National Diabetes Goal, continues to reach out to their audience of predominantly uninsured and under-insured Americans with a survey designed to make them aware of their diabetes risk.

"Our survey results have so far shown that around 70% of our visitors are uninsured," says Rex Bowden, Director at, Inc. "This group of Americans is especially important to reach when it comes to diabetes diagnosis and prevention for a few reasons. First, they may be more at risk of suffering from undiagnosed diabetes, because they visit doctors less often due to lack of insurance. This group would also heavily benefit from preventative measures if they’re at risk for the disease, as prevention can be a much more cost-effective option than treatment through insulin and medications which may be required for years or the rest of the patient’s life.”

The National Diabetes Goal is designed to reduce the number of new cases of type 2 diabetes by encouraging at-risk individuals to get tested to learn their blood glucose level and any preventative actions they should take. By 2015, the organization and partners aim to reach a goal of having 45% of Americans at risk for diabetes learn their blood glucose levels.

"Our survey at is giving us real insight into how this problem affects the uninsured," says Bowden. "For example, we know that only 60% have even been tested, and less than half actually know their glucose level. We’re hoping that this survey and increased awareness around American Diabetes Month will help to lead to an increase in these statistics.”

A positive element of the survey results to-date revolves around awareness about diabetes prevention. Most survey respondents know that diet and exercise can contribute to preventing or delaying the onset of diabetes. “The next step,” according to Bowden “is to make sure more at-risk people know it, so they can begin taking action. It’s one thing to know what someone should do to prevent diabetes. It’s equally important to know that ‘someone’ could be you.”

Patient Assistance is a National Diabetes Goal Champion, one of more than 40 organizations that pledged to raise awareness about diabetes among Americans, and turn that awareness into action.

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For more information about the National Diabetes Goal, please visit

For more information about or to take part in the diabetes awareness and prevention survey, please visit, or contact Rex Bowden at 225-266-7941.