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Patient Assistance Programs Offered by Abbott

Posted Aug 1st, 2008 by Patient Assistance Team
Abbott is one of the leading health care companies in the world that is dedicated to maintaining health through the use and development of new and better medications and technology. As one of the world's health leaders, Abbott is able to provide patient assistance programs to those who are most in need of the necessary medication and treatments to keep them healthy. These programs are available to patients who qualify in the United States and apply with the Abbott company. Upon qualification, assistance is given to patients who receive Abbott medications free of charge for as long as they are in financial need.

Among the several programs offered by Abbott, are financial and disease based patient assistance programs. Those who are able to demonstrate a financial need in order to continue on medication are provided their medications that the Abbott company produces. For most of the medication programs offered by Abbott, financial need is the main requirement. Using the Federal Poverty Guidelines, Abbott is able to enroll those individuals that are most in need and help. Even though there are guidelines set in place to determine who qualifies and who does not, decisions can be made on a case by case basis so everyone is encouraged to apply that feels they need assistance.

The other type of assistance program available are those that are disease related. In order to guarantee that those with life threatening illnesses that require special care and attention always have medication available to them, some disease related assistance programs are in place by Abbott. There is not a program for every illness available, and most of the time a program is offered just for the most serious diseases such as HIV. Another factor in determining whether Abbott will offer a disease specific assistance program is their development of a specific medication. Only those medications and technologies which are specifically created and sold by Abbott can be included in any of their patient programs.

Through a program known as the Partnership for prescription assistance, Abbott has been able to reach even more needy patients and those who would otherwise not be able to find out about the programs offered. Health care providers, government organizations, pharmaceutical companies and patients are able to find and apply for assistance using this valuable database and resource. Other programs like clinics and health centers are organized by the organizations and companies to reach out to the community and provide assistance to those who have yet to seek health care services already.

As a supplement to those medicine programs that are already offered by Abbott, the company is able to provide additional nutrition based aid to those who need it. One of the most important factors to remaining healthy is a person's nutrition, and with the high cost of medical care, patients and their families are not always able to receive the best nutrition. In order to ensure the health of their patients, Abbott wants to make sure that anyone that needs additional nutritional products gets them free of charge.