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Patient Assistance For Flood Victims

Posted Jun 16th, 2008 by Patient Assistance Team
In an effort to aid those affected by the flooding in the American Midwest, and will be focusing their resources on aiding those in need. Over the past three weeks, the increase in rainfall has resulted in nine rivers reaching or matching their record breaking levels. Iowa, Indiana, Missouri, Nebraska, and Wisconsin were all affected by the flooding with Iowans hit the hardest with 83 of their 99 counties declared a disaster area.

The flood warnings forced many Americans to evacuate their homes, leaving them with very little time to decide what to bring. Without having the chance to thoroughly evaluate all of their needs, many left their homes without their insurance information or prescription medications. Along with existing conditions, many Americans living through situations of this magnitude find themselves in need of medical attention for physical or psychological reasons. and have recognized these issues and have prepared the following forms of assistance:

Prescription Discount Cards
Saving their members over $10 million since the start of 2008 is just one of the reasons why is a leading provider of prescription discount cards. While the prescription discount cards provided by are always available online, through your mobile device, and can even be sent directly to you at absolutely no cost whatsoever; the flooding has displaced many from their homes, leaving them without the ability to access the internet or easily receive their mail.

While is placing a priority on shipping their cards out to those located in Iowa, Indiana, Missouri, Nebraska, and Wisconsin, they have also set aside 50,000 cards for relief and other aid based groups located in those areas to distribute.

Government Benefits Programs
A comprehensive list of all Government Benefits Programs had been made available as one of the many services provided by The effects of the flood have left many with significant damages to their homes, vehicles, places of work, and possessions. While many in that area do have flood insurance, their financial burden will still greatly increase as a result of this event.

Each state offers several Government Benefits Programs to those in need of financial assistance to benefit the health of the individual and their family. This database is always available free of charge through, however, the appropriate information has been organized by each of the five states affected and is available for download and distribution. The benefit that a relief organization can bring to those they are aiding by providing this information is exponential, as many will find themselves eligible for at least one state based program.

With the rising cost of healthcare and prescription medications, those without the knowledge of such services are more likely to not seek medical attention or cut/skip their prescriptions in an attempt to save money. Both and have made these additional services available to all organizations currently assisting the areas affected by the flood.

To request County Rx Cards to be sent directly to you, please call 1-888-788-7921
To download the state specific list of Government Benefits Programs, please visit us at