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No Cost Health Care and Free Prescription Medication for those without Medical Insurance

Posted Feb 24th, 2012 by Jina Gallegos

Mission of Mercy is a non-profit organization, whose mission is to restore dignity to those who are sick, poor, and/or homeless by providing them with free medical, dental and pharmaceutical services, primarily through a team of licensed healthcare professionals, hospitality workers and administrative volunteers. The organization receives no state or federal government funding, which allows them to provide healthcare without meeting "pre-qualification" criteria. In addition, patients are not required to provide proof of residency or income.

The organization was founded back in 1991 by Dr. Gianna Talone Sullivan, Pharm D., and began its mission to heal the sick, poor and homeless back 1n 1994. Its main headquarters are located in Pennsylvania, and provides mobile medical services in the state of Arizona, Maryland, Texas and also Pennsylvania.

Mission of Mercy addresses the need for accessible, cost-effective primary health care by "bringing the doctor to the patient" through it's mobile medical clinics nationwide. It's forty-five foot RVs were converted into mobile medical clinics and is equipped with an on-site pharmacy,. The ability to deliver services directly into the neighborhood helps to more effectively respond to the ever-growing needs in the community.

Mission of Mercy currently has eighteen mobile clinics throughout the United States and has provided patients with over 25,000 free healthcare appointments. They offer no cost mobile medical services and prescription medication to uninsured individuals in dire need of medical care and life-saving medication they otherwise may not receive.

The mobile clinics are all conveniently located near public transportation and use donated multi-faith church facilities to give patients a sense of security and confidentiality as they seek medical care. Mission of Mercy also offers patients an opportunity to make advance appointments, which minimizes time away from their jobs and family responsibilities. However, no appointment is required for services.

The nonprofit calls on the expertise of licensed medical personnel, both active and retired, who volunteer their time to provide these services to the uninsured, working poor, and homeless population of Arizona, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Texas. The services are provided at approximately sixteen clinics regardless of age, race, or religion, or immigration status. No one is ever denied medical care because of an inability to pay. All services are free and no fees or co-pays are ever charged.

Mission of Mercy is 100% funded by private donations and accepts no state or federal funding. They are the only free mobile primary care clinic in the United States requiring no co-payments or proof of poverty documentation. All Mission of Mercy patients share a common thread-- they are uninsured and are not able to qualify for government or state medical plans, such as Medical or Medicaid, so it provides no-cost medical and dental care, including prescription medication.

Because they do not ask patients invasive questions to prove their economic hardship, the clinic can treat those who would otherwise be too fearful or embarrassed to seek medical attention elsewhere. Most patients that seek the services Misson of Mercy has to offer are without medical insurance and more than half suffer from a variety of chronic health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and asthma. Mission of Mercy emphasizes preventive care in order to help patients avoid dangerous complications and costly hospital emergency room visits.

Although Mission of Mercy treats anyone and everyone who comes in seek of medical attention, patients primarily consist of the uninsured and/or the working poor. Working poor families have enough money for food, shelter and clothing, but not enough for medical expenses, and because they cannot afford a visit to the doctor, families simply do without for as long as possible. This results in undiagnosed and untreated chronic illness, the spread of contagious disease, costly hospital emergency treatment, not to mention associated depression and sadly, premature death.

In today's economy, many people just can't afford health insurance or prescription medications. Money is tight and with a strict budget. Mission of Mercy provides free healthcare, including dental care and prescription medications to those who are uninsured, so that they can remain healthy and self-sufficient.

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