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InstyMeds Offers Self Checkout For Prescription Medication

Posted Apr 22nd, 2008 by Patient Assistance Team
Patients of RediMed, the Fort Wayne based urgent care clinics, are first in the country to experience purchasing their prescription medications through an ATM style machine known as InstyMeds. Prior to equipping three of their facilities with these machines last month, RediMed didn't have the ability to offer all the medications their patients would need. But now, not only can they offer these medications, but they can automate the entire process as well.

Created by InstyMeds Corp., these machines allow a RediMed clinician to simplify the entire prescription pick-up process. At the end of an exam, the RediMed clinician will be able to record all of the patients information into the InstyMeds web based interface. All of the patients prescription coverage plan information is entered into the system for preapproval for the specific medication they need.

To guarantee the safety of the prescription medication, once the InstyMeds machine pick-up is selected by the clinician, the system assigns it a unique numerical identifier that the patient uses in the machine. Before it actually dispenses the prescription medication, the InstyMeds machine scans the pre-packaged medication three times for verification. All in all, this process saves the patient a significant amount of time as the entire process takes less than five minutes.

But these machines aren't unattended. A clinician or nurse is available to further verify that the medication is going into the correct hands and to also go over the instructions and precautions of the medication. The downside to this is that the individual helping you with your medication isn't actually a pharmacist, so the information that you can receive from them is limited. However, the machines themselves do provide a number to call for Pharmacist assistance if the patient needs it.

In less than one month, nearly 15% of all RediMed patients at the three test locations filled their prescription using the InstyMeds machines. The machines themselves also only stock about 74 different prescription medications, which shows a large support for a system like this already. With a user base of that size in such a short amount of time, it wouldn't be surprising to see these machines catch on throughout the nation, especially with self checkout becoming a popular trend in many markets.

The costs of these medications offered by InstyMeds machines are meant to be competitively priced to convince patients to give it a chance. As the clinician is the one who enters the prescription coverage information into the web interface, patients can take advantage of the support and discounts that they've been receiving from patient assistance programs and prescription drug cards.

If you are a patient of the RediMed Urgent Care Clinics and/or do not currently have a prescription coverage program, CountyRxCard offers a completely free prescription drug card that takes only a few minutes to register for. The CountyRxCard provides up to a 70% discount off of prescription medication just for registering and also works with InstyMed Machines and pharmacies nationwide.

You can also check to see if the specific prescription medication that you're receiving from the InstyMeds machine has a patient assistance program that you may be eligible for. PatientAssistance provides a comprehensive database of all the prescription assistance programs offered by the major Pharmaceutical companies at not cost to registered members.