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Health Care Policy in the 2008 Presidential Election

Posted Jul 14th, 2008 by Patient Assistance Team
One of the more largely debated issues in the upcoming 2008 Presidential race is the current situation of the United States healthcare system. While both Democratic nominee Barack Obama and Republican nominee John McCain have clearly defined healthcare plans that they intend to introduce when they enter office, the differences in approach are staggering. As the healthcare industry in one way or another effects nearly every aspect of both private and public life within the United States, neither plan will provide a universally positive effect for the entire country.

The following articles will provide an unbiased over view of each candidates healthcare reform policy. As a non-profit organization dedicated to providing assistance to health care and prescription medication to those who can not afford to do so for themselves, we at feel that providing these services to those in need does not end at a financial level. It is our responsibility to provide you with access to news and information that will allow you to become involved in how your country's healthcare system addresses your needs.

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For a detailed comparison of the proposed health care reform posed by both candidates, please visit the link below:
A Comparison of Health Care Policy in the 2008 Presidential Election

For additional information on the candidates, please visit their respective websites:
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