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Health care costs hit hard in Newark

Posted Jun 24th, 2008 by Patient Assistance Team
Did you know that there are over forty seven million Americans that are currently uninsured? A better question is, did you know that you can actually do something about this? This week (April 27th – May 3rd 2008) marks the fifth annual Cover The Uninsured Week, a program sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, which focuses on keeping people nationwide informed about these issues while also showing them the many different ways that they can help reduce these numbers.

There are so many various resources out there for individuals without insurance to take advantage of, but not many of them know about those resources. Nearly one fifth of those forty seven million uninsured American's are children which unfortunately leaves much of the information above their head while eight out of ten are actually part of a working family just like yours. Maybe you don't have all the time in the world or maybe you do, but there are many different ways for you to get involved and provided assistance to yourself or those around you in need of healthcare.

Stay Informed

Healthcare is a hot button topic in the political world, especially with the upcoming presidential election. By following along with healthcare news sources like the New York Times Health section or the Patient Assistance – In The News section, you'll be better equipped to discuss the topic at large. News sources tend to provide a solution to the problems that they present, which then provides you with a tool that you can share with others or act on to help fix the problem. There are many different solutions to these problems, such as:

Patient Assistance Programs
Hundreds of prescription drugs are supplied at no cost or low cost to uninsured individuals by the major pharmaceutical companies. Each program has it's own specific eligibility requirements that the individual must meet to be accepted. To apply, the individual needs to do is fill out and submit the programs specific form.

Free Prescription Drug Cards
Instead of paying full price for prescription medication, an individual can register for a free prescription drug card that will provide them with up to a 90% discount off the cost of their prescription medications at pharmacies nationwide.

Government Benefits Programs
The United States government spends over $100 billion on government benefits programs that are specifically focused on providing healthcare solutions to uninsured individuals in need. Similar to the patient assistance programs, there are eligibility requirements for each program.

Free Clinic Locations
Without insurance, an individual could easily wind up in financial turmoil by visit a physician or worse yet, by not visiting one they put their health at risk. Free clinics were designed to prevent this situation and aid the uninsured by getting them the medical attention they need without the normal costs associated with seeing a physician.

Spread The Word

Whether you've sending out an email to your uninsured friends and family or you've held an event within your community to help people take advantage of the resources that you've learned about, you're providing these people with the help that they need without costing either side a thing. Sharing your knowledge and helping individuals register for various patient assistance programs, free prescription drug cards, and government benefits programs are the only way that we can decrease the number of uninsured individuals in America.

Over 10% of uninsured individuals don't even pick up their prescription medication. Another 10% take less than their recommended dosage or skip a dosage as they can't afford to fill a second prescription. With issues like this effecting these individuals, it doesn't matter whether you send out an email or hold an event to register the uninsured, you're part of the solution working to reduce the number of uninsured individuals in America.

Below is a list of the resources that we've provided to help the uninsured this week and every week:

- A Comprehensive List of Patient Assistance Programs

- Free Prescription Drug Card

- Government Benefits Programs

- Search For Free Clinics