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Failing Economy Effects Children Most

Posted May 6th, 2008 by Patient Assistance Team
America's Children Are At Risk

According to a recent study completed by Gerry Fairbrother of Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, over 50% of our nations states will not have enough funding to help the 47 million Americans who are currently uninsured. While insurance provided through Medicaid and the State Children's Health Insurance Program are not completely funded by the state, nearly half of it is. This leaves over 8 million uninsured children facing a coin flip as to whether on not they'll continue to have or be able to receive government health insurance.

As we continue to see a rise in the unemployment rate, it's becoming more clear as to how closely those figures relate to the increase in the number of uninsured. Researchers at the Urban Institute have found that each percentage point increase in the rate of unemployment has resulted in close to 1.1 million individuals becoming uninsured. Coupled with that fact that health insurance premiums have increased 10 times faster than a family income on average, we're heading towards a future filled with health risks and poor choices that directly effect the children of this country even today.

Fairbrothers research studied 15,000 children in Ohio and produced some very alarming results. The children within this study who didn't have a consistent and reliable source of health insurance filled their prescriptions less than a third as often as those who did. They also rarely visited their pediatrician for regular check ups.

While funding has been cut for a majority of the government benefits programs, there are still various options available to help those in need. Both children and adults will find themselves eligible for more government benefits programs than just the two mentioned within this article by searching for the options available in their state. Those already uninsured or underinsured will find themselves able to register for prescription assistance from the major pharmaceuticals' patient assistance programs as well. If the trouble lies directly with the cost of prescription medications, there are free prescription discount cards available that offer patients up to 90% off the cost of their medication.

Utilizing solutions like those will result in children not having to go without their medication or doctors visits, even with the economy and healthcare system in the shape that it is now. With the upcoming election touching on issues such as this, everyone, regardless of party alignment, should make their opinion on this situation clear so that our future generations don't grow up in a country where having healthcare coverage is a luxury.

Source: Time