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Cost Saving Medication Tips for Seniors

Posted Apr 16th, 2012 by Patient Assistance Team
Paying for medications seems to get more costly with each passing year. And since elderly Americanscomprise a significant portion of the population who take at least one prescription medication daily,those costs can add up quickly and steeply. In some extreme cases, the elderly must choose betweenpurchasing a prescription medication or spending money on other essentials such as food or other billpayments.

But it is important that all seniors realize that they have access to certain cost-saving services andprograms that can keep both them healthy and financially-sound. Thanks to the new changes inthe Affordable Care Act, Medicare recipients can save money when it comes to what they spendon prescription medication costs. The regulations established in this landmark healthcare bill seekto protect Medicare recipients against the rising cost of medications and it also provides easier andsometimes free access to preventive services, which can help stave off the need for prescriptionmedications down the road.

In addition to the Affordable Care Act, a number of pharmaceutical companies offer special programsfor seniors who need help paying for their prescription drugs. While there are usually a number ofeligibility requirements for these pharmaceutical-run programs, they can significantly offset the financialburden for many seniors.

Lastly, any senior can have access to medication discount cards. These cards are typically free andcan be used at thousands of retail pharmacies around the country. Another advantage of discountmedication cards is that there are no eligibility requirements; anyone can get them.

If you have trouble paying for your medication costs, speak with your pharmacist and medical providerabout additional ways that you can protect your health and your wallet.