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Best Exercise for Diabetics

Posted Nov 18th, 2008 by Patient Assistance Team
Exercise is one thing that doctors want for the most of their patients of diabetes to practice. It not only keeps the body in shape but also controls weight and is a simplest way to lower blood sugar levels. By controlling the blood sugar level it also controls the risks of heart diseases. Heart disease is the foremost risk for all those diagnosed with diabetes.

When it comes to exercise, no doubt there are hundreds and thousands of exercise programs. But the best possible and simplest exercise is walk. One has to orientate himself to brisk walk.

Yes! The doctors are right when they say that diabetes sufferers are exposed to more risk while exercising. But the fact is that the benefits associated with exerting are more than the risks connected to it for the patient of diabetes.

The risk factor is that the daily routine of exercise causes the body to become more sensitive to insulin and the chances are the person can have a phase of hypoglycemia while exercising. So for the patient of diabetes who is at more risk of hypoglycemia it is recommended that they should check their blood sugar level before and after the exercise. Another necessary precaution which the patient of diabetes can take before exercising is to have a snack before and after exercise.

If on checking the blood sugar level you found out the level is high it is better to allow it to come to the normal level without any strenuous exercise. It is also suggested to keep a close eye on the sugar level when a patient of diabetes exercises in extremely cold or hot weather.

The doctor of a diabetes sufferer may also explain them certain symptoms of low blood sugar level which should be closely monitored. It is always better to keep their symptoms alive. Hypoglycemia does not occur suddenly; rather it affects a person slowly. Diabetics should concentrate on their sensations. If during exercise patient of diabetes feel that he is sweating more, or the heartbeat has changed or he is feeling hungrier or exhausted it is better to stop. It is better to have an advice from your doctor about handling these situations on your regular visits.

Another important thing, which any body suffering from diabetes can do while exercising is drinking a plenty of water. The body needs more fluids to cool down the systems during exercising. If diabetic drinks water only when feels thirsty the chances are there that he may be dehydrated. This dramatically affects the blood sugar level. So it is recommended to drink a reasonable amount of water, before, during and after exercising.