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AMA Predicts Rise In Uninsured Costs

Posted May 5th, 2008 by Patient Assistance Team
Patient Assistance Programs: Solutions To Fight Rising Insurance Premiums

According to the American Medical Association, last year alone, the cost placed on the medical system was in excess of $100 billion. To cover this cost, the 158 Million insured Americans paid an average of $632.91 in additional premiums on their own insurance to cover those who have none. While spread out over a year, that price doesn't look that high, but for a family of four, the total cost imposed by the medical system averages out to over $2,500.

These figures reflect the past effects of the uninsured costing the insured additional premiums, but as we look towards the future we realize that it's only going to get worse. The economy is clearly not making strides fast enough to correct itself, and as we set into a wave a baby boomer's claiming their social security and job opportunities worsening, theses costs are expected to rise upwards of $3,775 by the year 2011 for a family of four. As the costs are clearly not distributed evenly between the patient, employer, and insurer, other solutions have come to mind to safeguard you and your family from winding up uninsured and unable to pay for your medication.

It is always wise to look into patient assistance programs before you purchase your prescription medications. Regardless of whether you're insured or uninsured, many patient assistance programs offer significant prescription assistance for you to take advantage of and lower your over all costs. Registering for a patient assistance program requires you to fill out the appropriate form that coincides with that specific program. provides an entire management tool to make sure you don't forget to resubmit your application for the patient assistance program that you have currently enrolled in.

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