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About us is a free resource designed to help connect patients who can't afford their prescription medications with patient assistance programs. We believe that medication should be affordable for all Americans, including low-income families and the uninsured, and our database features over 1000 programs that help make that possible.

What are Patient Assistance Programs?

Patient Assistance Programs (or PAPs) are programs offered by pharmaceutical companies to offer free or reduced-cost medications to low-income, underinsured, or uninsured individuals. Each medication can have its own PAP and eligibility requirements.

How We Can Help

Many patient assistance programs exist. Finding out which, if any, programs you're eligible for can be a daunting task (especially if you take multiple medications). That's where we come in. We help you:

  • Find patient assistance programs for the medications you take, with a searchable database of thousands of PAPs. We also make it easy to browse either by pharmaceutical company / program or by brand names or generic drug names.
  • Quickly enroll in many PAPs, with enrollment forms listed directly in our database (when available from the pharmaceutical company).
  • Better understand your prescribed medications with detailed prescription drug information. When you visit a drug information page on our site, we not only tell you if there are available PAPs for that medication or brand. We also tell you about how each medication should be taken, common side effects, drug interactions, precautions you should take, how that medication should be stored, and what to do if you miss a dose.
  • Save money on prescription drugs even if you're still waiting to qualify, or don't qualify for a PAP, through our alternative prescription drug cards.

Our Background and Leadership is a nonprofit organization that helps Americans save money on the cost of prescription drugs. We were founded in 2008 by healthcare industry veterans Rex Bowden Jr. and Rex Bowden Sr.

Bowden Jr. brings our organization experience in both online business and consulting as an e-benefit programmer, while Bowden Sr. offers 35 years of experience as a healthcare cost insurance benefit consultant. Both are family men who can relate to the prescription drug cost concerns of our users, and those concerns form the foundation that our organization was built upon.

Our Involvement

June 2010 April 2010 January 2010

2008 National Diabetes Goal and Awareness Survey – Patient Assistance was a 2008 National Diabetes Goal Champion, pledging to do our part to educate Americans about diabetes and raise awareness among individuals about their blood glucose levels. We worked alongside more than 40 other organizations in an effort to turn awareness into action towards the prevention and treatment of diabetes. For our part, we're conducting an ongoing survey at, gauging diabetes awareness among predominantly uninsured or underinsured Americans. Read our initial findings.

Patient Assist Google Health Application – We reached out in 2008 to offer a simpler solution for finding patient assistance programs. Our integrated Patient Assist application allows Google Health users to quickly and easily search for programs available to them based on medications they've already included in their Google Health account. This means patients not only save time by not having to manually re-enter each medication, but also that programs for multiple medications can be searched for simultaneously. Find out more about the Patient Assist application.

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There are over 100 million Americans that either can't afford their medication or are struggling to afford their medication. We aim to help each and every American in that situation.

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